You write great stuff. You should be rewarded.

3 min readNov 9, 2021


Claps are awesome and the Partner Program shows Medium is trying its best for writers.

Here is how to use TendOrama as a Medium writer to set yourself up for additional rewards.

By Warrick Harrison (TendOrama founder)

First, what is TendOrama?

TendOrama lets people reward anyone online or in daily life. Whether it’s on Reddit or SoundCloud, or driving on the road, or at their work, or a super article on Medium.

Today I want to address writers on Medium.

An example Tend for a Medium article
An example Tend for a Medium article (Illustration by the author)

TendOrama lets readers reward your writing, article by article, with normal currency (US or Canadian dollars).

You don’t need to build and curate a space in TendOrama. People don’t need to find you inside TendOrama, searching, trying to remember your name. “Did they use the same name in TendOrama as in Medium?” No need for that. In fact, you don’t even need to be signed up in TendOrama before people Tend (reward) your articles. Theoretically, there might be Tends waiting for you right now (though it’s statistically unlikely, so don’t get excited!).

People just reward your article and you collect when you feel like it.

How does a reader reward (Tend) your article?

A reader:

  • Hits ‘Share’ in your article
  • Hits ‘Copy to Clipboard’ (or whatever their device calls it)
  • Heads over to TendOrama and creates their Tend.

Their Tend waits for you in TendOrama.

Here’s the first part of a Tend being created:

The first part of a Tend being created
First part of a Tend being created (Illustration by the author)

How do you set yourself up to collect your Tends?

In TendOrama, after logging in, scroll past the “My Places” section to “Add a Place” and hit the Medium logo.

Follow the three-step instructions:

  1. Enter your Medium URL
  2. Add a Code to your Medium Profile
  3. Hit the “Add Medium” button

Okay so the third step isn’t really a step so it’s really just two steps.

After TendOrama verifies your Medium account, you’re set up to collect any Tends readers send you for your Medium articles.

While that’s all you need to do, there is something you can do to increase the chance someone Tends your article.

People often need reminders, as you know. Even when your reader is aware they can use TendOrama to reward you directly and that they don’t have to rely solely on Claps and Medium’s Partner Program to make sure you get properly rewarded, they may not remember at just the right time. So you could add a prompt in your articles for your readers. Something like this maybe:

You can reward this specific article directly. Hit ‘Share’ and ‘Copy to Clipboard’ then head to TendOrama.

It’s your article. You know how to enhance it if you want.

We tried to make the process of setting yourself up to receive Tends as straightforward as possible and I hope this quick how-to helps. Happy writing!


Note: There are no negatives for Medium itself when people Tend your writing. Because of your Tends, Medium gains a wider audience without cost. Presumably, additional people engage with Medium after seeing a Tend for your article on TendOrama (which also increases your chance for more Tends) and some of them likely purchase Medium Memberships. TendOrama doesn’t display Medium’s content or your content; it links people who want to read your article back to your article on Medium without earning anything from them. To be complete about that part, TendOrama doesn’t have ads either — it’s immoral to collect money from ads placed beside other people’s content. Finally, we all see Medium working hard to reward its writers and we know that’s difficult with limited revenue. We believe with TendOrama on the scene, everyone involved gains something they didn’t have before.




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